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Executive Team

Lawrence D. Kingsley - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Martin Smith - Chief Technology Officer
Yves Baratelli - President, Pall Life Sciences
Ruby Chandy - President, Pall Industrial
Michael Egholm, Ph.D. - President, BioPharmaceuticals
Naresh Narasimhan - President, Pall Asia
Wolfgang Platz - President, Pall Europe
Roya Behnia - Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Kenneth V. Camarco - Senior Vice President, Global Operations & Business Systems
R. Brent Jones - Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Treasurer
H. Alex Kim - Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy
Julie R. Taylor - Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Angelina Rouse - Vice President, Corporate Controller and Group Financial Officer of Global Operations

Board of Directors
Lawrence D. Kingsley - Chairman
Dr. Amy E. Alving
Robert B. Coutts
Mark E. Goldstein
Cheryl W. Grisé
Ronald L. Hoffman - Lead Director
Dennis N. Longstreet
B. Craig Owens
Katharine L. Plourde
Edward Travaglianti
Bret W. Wise