Condition Monitoring

The consequences of both particulate and water contamination in hydraulic and lubricating fluids can be catastrophic.  By monitoring fluid water content and cleanliness levels, users can identify abnormal conditions early, which enables corrective actions to be implemented as quickly as possible.

Fluid Cleanliness Monitoring
On-line measuring devices can monitor the system fluid cleanliness and provide an early warning of any abnormal wear conditions and possible component failure.

Pall’s PCM400 Series Portable Cleanliness Monitor
The PCM400 Series was specifically developed as a portable diagnostic monitoring device. Unlike other instruments, the results are not affected by the presence of air, water, or high particulate levels.

Water Content Monitoring
On-line measurement devices can monitor the dissolved water content in the fluids and help with predictive maintenance of the system.

 WS10 water sensor

TD513D1PWSA water sensor
(in service with US military)