Leading the Way in Advanced Single-Use Technologies

Pall Life Sciences is the source of bioprocess efficiency to its biopharmaceutical customers, providing a broad range of innovative single-use mixing, storage, powder transfer, packaging and bioreactor technology solutions that maximize product integrity while optimizing manufacturing cost.

Integrity® Mixing Systems

  • Broadest range of flexible, single-use mixing systems
  • Mixing volumes scalable up to 2000 L
  • Contained solid/liquid and liquid/liquid mixing solutions
  • Eliminates non-value-added cleaning
  • Eliminates cross-contamination risk

See how Integrity mixers fit into your specific application needs

Integrity JetMixer™
Integrity LevMixer™
Integrity Magnetic Mixer
Integrity PadMixer™
Integrity WandMixer™

Integrity® Bioprocess Vessels

Liquid Storage Vessels

  • Available in 2D or 3D bag configurations with sizes from 1 L to 3000 L. Standard or custom connectivity options
  • Constructed with Integrity® TK8 "universal" bioprocess film. Manufactured under ISO Class 5 cleanroom conditions
  • Suitable for all typical bioprocess liquid storage applications

Powder Transfer Vessels

  • Flexible, transparent, funnel-shaped bags with tri-clamp interfaces for broad process compatibility
  • Antistatic USP Class VI/ADCF film for safe, contained powder handling and high material recovery
  • Suitable for powder storage and transfer applications such as media, buffers, and pharmaceutical ingredients
Integrity Liquid Storage Vessels
Integrity Powder Transfer Vessels

Integrity® Bioreactors

  • Scalable, ergonomic and modular systems
  • Very low shear mixing
  • Carefully adapted for cultivation of suspension and adherent cells at very high densities
  • Control of all process parameters ensuring customized culture conditions
  • No need for CIP/SIP
  • Avoid cross-contamination risks
Integrity iCELLis™
Integrity PadReactor™
Integrity Xpansion™

Integrity TK8 Film: One-Film Platform

Integrity-branded products are made from the same TK8 film so all product-contact areas are identical. This approach simplifies qualification and validation efforts and reduces overall costs.

Learn more about TK8 film

Newform™ Packaging

Ultraclean Sterilizable Flexible Packaging

In the fast-growing Biopharm market, the need for ultraclean sterile packaging is growing at a high speed, often driven by regulatory authorities and cGMP regulations. Eliminating every risk of delivering a contaminated parenteral drug that might be hazardous to a patient's health or even his life is the key concern that drives these regulations. With our Newform™ product line, we respond to this need by producing cleanroom packaging that meets these ever growing requirements. Particle free packaging is obtained by our contamination control processes that focus on all different areas such as:

  • Airborne contaminants
  • Material-borne contaminants
  • Microbial contaminants
  • Ionic contaminants

Starting from our own in-house extruded medical grade polymers in a highly controlled environment up to the conversion of the semi-finished products in our 2009, 2012 State of the art ISO class 5 cleanrooms, we deliver high quality cleanroom packaging in a broad range of materials and shapes. Our vertically integrated production facility assures quality and traceability throughout the entire process of selecting the best raw materials to the development and the final manufacturing of your customized particle free cleanroom packaging. Our ultra clean packaging products are all sterilizable or can be delivered pre-sterilized by means of gamma irradiation. All our cleanroom packaging is delivered with a certificate of conformance stating compliance toward our specifications on cleanliness, integrity and physical properties. Furthermore, our sterile packaging is also delivered with a certificate of gamma irradiation.

Variety of materials:

  • In-house extruded medical grade polymers (LDPE, HDPE, antistatic LDPE etc)
  • Tyvek materials
  • Barrier laminates

Variety of shapes:

  • Tubing
  • Half tubing
  • Film
  • Sheets
  • Bags
  • Sleeves
  • Customized dye-cut shapes
Newform™ Cleansteam™ and Easy-Tear Cleansteam™ Bags
Newform™ Medical Grade LDPE Bags
Permanent Antistatic LDPE Packaging – PSD
Tyvek® Sheets
Clean Barrier Packaging