What's Next? Bioprocessing Products in Development

Pall's research and development teams are continually working to find more efficient, effective ways to solve your application challenges. This is one of the cornerstones of Pall's service to our customers. Check back regularly for news of future product developments.

Allegro™ Unison hMSCs and Media

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Pall will soon be launching Allegro™ Unison human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) and cell culture media products, to accelerate regenerative medicine applications and cell therapy development.

Allegro Unison hMSCs and media systems are designed for ease-of-use to rapidly achieve high cell densities in an efficient and reproducible manner.

Pall’s total solution for hMSCs will now include:

  • Human bone marrow derived mesenchymal cells (hMSCs)
  • hMSC Cell Culture Medium and Supplements

Use of Allegro Unison MSC media and cells along with SoloHill microcarriers, Allegro biocontainers and the PadReactor® bioreactor system has been demonstrated to assist in rapid cell expansion. This allows users to obtain their target cell numbers quickly, efficiently, and reproducibly, and with less media and time than is traditionally needed to generate hMSCs for further studies.