Catalyst, Carbon and High Solids Removal

In the manufacture of small-molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, heterogeneous catalysts such as palladium are often used to speed up reaction processes such as hydrogenation. These catalysts need to be removed and recycled. Similarly, if activated carbon is used in free-powder form to adsorb color prior to final recovery of active molecules, then this bulk must be removed. These applications demand filter systems that can handle high levels of solids.  (See also impregnated filter alternatives to free powder under SUPRAdisc AKS Carbon Impregnated Depth Filter Modules). 

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Depth Filters

Cellulose-based depth filter media provide an effective support for the build-up of cake in high-solids applications, as well as providing a degree of fine filtration. The media can be provided in the form of sheets for more open systems such as filter presses, but increasingly is provided in the form of lenticular modules, where the cake can build up between the cells of the module in a system enclosed within a housing during processing.

SUPRAcap™ 200 Encapsulated Depth Filter Modules
These modules are 12-inch lenticular modules that are encapsulated in polypropylene. These filters are ideal for removal of hazardous filter cake, i.e. heterogenous catalyst such as palladium or carbon. After processing, the modules can be easily removed and capped off, trapping the cake inside the module with minimal exposure to the operators and the environment, and requiring minimal cleaning of the housing.

Bag Filters

For very large systems with high flow requirements, bag filters have traditionally been used as an alternative to depth filters in the chemical and other industries for very high flow applications. The availability of large pleated filter assemblies utilizing large diameter modules has now made it feasible to consider a more convenient and more reliable format for such cases.

High-Flow Ultipleat® Profile® Filter Systems
Available with absolute liquid ratings of 2 microns to 90 microns at 99.98% efficiency, these filters use tapered-pore Profile® polypropylene media for economical and reproducible filtration. The Ultipleat® configuration and large 150 mm (6 in.) nominal module diameter confers much higher packing density than other systems, while maintaining uniform flow and good structural stability to avoid premature blockage.

See also Marksman™ filters for use as retrofit in existing bag systems.   Top