Cell Harvesting and Product Recovery

Depth Filter Sheets & Filter Modules

Seitz® P-Series Depth Filter Sheets
P-series depth filter sheets and modules were developed for a variety of processes in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries, including cell harvesting and separation.

SUPRAcap™ 200 Encapsulated Depth Filter Modules
The SUPRAcap™ 200 depth filter module provides all the features and benefits of the SUPRAdisc™ and SUPRAdisc™ II modules in a single-use, disposable design. The advantages of encapsulated disposable systems are linked with highly-reduced operator exposure risks, less cleaning effort, increased yields and better handling. These are the main reasons why disposable capsules are used throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

SUPRAdisc™ Depth Filter Modules
The SUPRAdisc™ filter module design concept combines the advantages of conventional depth filter sheets with the positive features of enclosed filters. Seitz® depth filter sheets have been used for years in biotechnology cell harvest/separation applications using a range of equipment.

Membralox® Ceramic Membrane Products
Ceramic membrane elements are ideal for applications such as cell harvest/separation that involve extreme processes, such as high solids bulk processes, the use of high temperatures or pressuresor aggressive solvents.

Microza* Membranes - Polyolefin
Microza membranes have an asymmetric structure that provides excellent flow characteristics, and a central strengthening layer for outstanding fiber durability essential to cell harvesting and product recovery processes.

Filtration Membrane Cassettes

Tangential Flow Filtration Membrane Cassettes
Pall® membrane cassettes and their associated hardware and systems are the preferred choice in cell harvesting and product recovery applications.

Vibrating Membrane Filtration System

Pallsep™ Vibrating Membrane Filtration Technology System
The PallSep™ VMF System is an innovative membrane cell harvest filtration system that uses controlled horizontal oscillation to move membrane elements through feed fluid over 50 times per second.


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