Chromatography Systems for Pilot and Process Scale

Pall's chromatography systems cover a full range of applications with the highest standards in design principles and operating protocols. We provide process solutions with both standardized and fully customized products, and offer comprehensive local support wherever the location. We work to improve choice, flexibility and operating costs for your purification processes with:  

PKP Chromatography Systems

PKP Chromatography SystemsPall’s PKP chromatography products, a family of standard modular automated systems, are designed to perform all types of low pressure column biochromatography (e.g., ion exchange, affinity, mixed mode, hydrophobic interaction, size exclusion and hydroxyapatite) and membrane chromatography. These systems are suitable for small-scale production or process optimization, in addition to manufacturing biotherapeutic molecules according to GAMP guidelines.


Features and Benefits

  • PKP System Automation Software Controls
  • Intuitive recipe creation enables smoother scale up
  • Batch or semi-automated mode allows users greater flexibility during operation
  • Rapid instrument response provides clear visual display of process conditions, set points, and alarms
  • Pall analytic tool enables calculation of HETP, peak asymmetry, transition analysis, etc.
  • Comparison of different batches to monitor process reproducibility
  • Selection individual instrument curves enables greater flexibility in batch data reporting for regulatory submissions
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance

PK Chromatography Systems

  • Ensuring your purification is consistent and optimal at pilot and manufacturing scales
  • Flexibility and execution of all biochromatography applications
  • Robust operation from hardware and software, by design
  • PK chromatography system family covering a range from 10 to 4000 Lph

PK Chromatography SystemThe system flow path is configured to minimize hold-up volume and pressure drop while delivering improved product purity and yields. The control system offers flexible and proven recipe-driven automation and support tools to develop a reproducible and consistent purification process.

The PK Chromatography System range incorporates proven component technology that delivers accurate precision gradients and in-line buffer dilution while maintaining the performance necessary to make your chromatography process consistent from batch-to-batch. Data acquisition and security are compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic signatures and batch records.