Depth Filter Sheets

Depth filter sheetsPall has many years of experience in manufacturing depth filter sheets that meet the strict requirements of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Manufacturing is performed using stringent in-process control methods to assure constant filtration performance and high purity of the filter medium.

Pall has developed filter matrices specifically for the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry that assure nominal retention ratings down to 0.1 micron for optimal filtration of biological products and protection of downstream processing systems.


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Clarification and Prefiltration: Prefilter Capsules
High Flow / High Capacity Cartridges

Depth Filter Modules

Depth filter module for prefiltration and clarification applicationsPall's Seitz® depth filter modules have been used for years in a vast array of applications using a range of equipment. With their exceptional mechanical strength, they can be incorporated into SUPRAdisc™ modules and installed into enclosed filter housings. This arrangement reduces cleaning and cleaning validation, as well as simplifies installation making it easier to handle and dispose of the filters after use.

Depth filter modules are cost-efficient by incorporating more filter area into a given size than alternative depth filter formats. The extra thickness of Seitz® depth filter sheets increases their dirt-holding capacity. In applications where Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) devices and centrifuge equipment have been traditionally used for primary separation or clarification process steps, depth filter modules offer a simpler, yet robust alternative that requires less equipment, sophistication and labor to operate.

Pall offers the industry’s most advanced and robust design, which provides superior resistance to back-pressure failure of the depth filter media. Incorporating conjoined inner and outer support layers, Pall's SUPRAdisc modules create a rugged structure that both supports and protects the depth filter sheets like no other module or cartridge.


Depth Filter Capsules

Supracap depth filter capsules for prefiltration and clarification applicationSUPRAcap™ depth filter capsules integrate seamlessly into any development process with their versatile configurations, sizes and available filter media. SUPRAcap capsules are especially suited to process development and pilot-scale applications. They can be autoclaved, and used for various critical applications depending upon the filter media selected.

These applications may include cell harvest clarification and protection of sterilizing membranes. The fully disposable design eliminates any cleaning or handling concerns usually associated with housings, especially where biological and hazardous products are to be filtered. Furthermore, SUPRAcap capsules are designed to provide cost-effectiveness, flexibility and ease of use, while minimizing the exposure risk for operators.


Prefilter Cartridges

Starclear filter cartridges for clarification and prefiltration applicationsPall has consistently shown leadership in its approach to delivering safe and efficient prefiltration products in cartridge configurations. Commitment to product development over several decades means that Pall is ideally placed to supply an unrivalled range of cartridge pre-filters that incorporate cylindrical depth media, pleated depth media and membrane media. Pall® prefilter cartridges can be used in the laboratory or at manufacturing scale, for the removal of microbial contaminants to large particulates, in critical and non-critical applications. Utilizing carefully selected and tested materials of construction for chemical and physical compatibility, they show outstanding performance and versatility.



Cylindrical Depth Media Prefilter Cartridges

Pleated Depth Media Prefilter Cartridges

Pleated Membrane Media Prefilter Cartridges


Prefilter Capsules

Over the last decade, the pharmaceutical industry has looked increasingly towards encapsulated filters to avoid the costs of cleaning and associated validation and to reduce capital expenditure on stainless steel equipment. Pall has responded to this by incorporating cylindrical depth, pleated depth and pleated membrane filter media employed in many of its prefilter cartridges, into single-use formats.

Available pre-sterilized, with a broad range of inlet/outlet and vent/drain configurations, these filters deliver the benefits of Pall® cartridge pre-filtration technologies with added cost benefits and improved flexibility.

Prefilters in High-Area Capsules

Many of the above prefilter cartridges with cylindrical, pleated depth and pleated membrane media can be supplied in Kleenpak™ Nova 10" modular formats. For assistance, please contact Pall for further information. Pall pre-filter media grades can also be accommodated in smale-scale encapsulated formats.

Small-Scale Pleated Depth Media Prefilter Capsules

Small-Scale Pleated Membrane Media Prefilter Capsules

High Flow/High Capacity Cartridges

Marksman™ filters for clarification and prefiltration applicationsThe chemical active pharmaceutical ingredients market often demands the use of high flow-rate, high dirt- holding capacity filters in applications where dirt content and process flow conditions may be not be suited to the performance capabilities of Pall® prefilters in cartridge format. Technologies such as High Flow Ultipleat® Profile® filters and Pall Marksman filter can be chosen for these applications.