Filter Integrity Testing Accessories

Palltronic® Flow Check II Unit

The Palltronic Flow Check II Unit performs a fast and simple test to confirm that an integrity test instrument is measuring flow correctly. A ‘Flow Check’ test can be performed as often as the user requires, enhancing complete confidence in the integrity test instrument. The user simply connects the Flow Check II unit to the integrity test instrument and performs a Flow Check test¹or a Forward Flow or Diffusion test.

The flow measured by the integrity test instrument is then compared with the calibrated flow of the Flow Check II unit. Each Palltronic Flow Check II unit is supplied with a calibration certificate, with the calibrated flow value permanently marked on the unit. Full Instructions for Use and Stäubli fittings are supplied. 

  • A precise pressure sensor determines the atmosphere pressure – even small changes in height or weather conditions are detected
  • The actual flow rate is automatically corrected for the actual atmospheric pressure and shown on the display – no need to calculate flow rate using a conversion table
  • Robust, sanitary stainless steel design makes it ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry - can be used with all integrity test instruments in laboratories or cleanrooms  
  • Easy to use Stäubli connector enables simple and quick connection and disconnection from filter integrity test instruments
  • Internal Gaskleen® filter protects the precision flow capillary in order to ensure maximum service life by preventing contamination from particles and liquids
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¹ Currently available for the Palltronic Flowstar II, XC and IV instruments and Palltronic AquaWIT system only

Barcode Reader

The Palltronic® Bar Code Reader is available for use with integrity test instruments² for fast and safe data input. The pharmaceutical industry uses many similar filters in different places in a manufacturing environment – therefore, in order to assure that the correct integrity tests are performed on each filter, it is very important that the correct test is selected on the integrity test instrument. The bar code reader can be connected to the serial port on the relevant instrument. Test programs can easily be selected and all relevant data can be read either from 1D or 2D bar codes.