Filter Integrity Testing Automation

Within the pharmaceutical industry, there is a growing use of automated manufacturing techniques, electronic signatures and storage of critical batch records. Communication protocols specially developed for Palltronic® filter integrity test instruments enable a higher-level system to remotely control the integrity test instrument (for example a MES or SCADA system or a PLC). Remote control of instruments reduces the need to manually enter data into the integrity test instrument and reduces the risk of human error. The filter can be tested in-line without a user having to initiate the test manually, plus test results are automatically transferred to a data storage module.

The most common current protocol for communication with instruments in the pharmaceutical industry is OPC (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control). When connected to an OPC client, the values needed for a filter integrity test can be transferred to the instrument and the instrument can transfer the test results back to the system. In the latest version of our OPC protocols (only available for the current Palltronic Flowstar IV instrument) it is even possible to use OPC commands to retrieve the full test records from manually initiated tests that have been stored on the instrument previously. 

Palltronic Flowstar instruments can also be connected to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and can be remotely controlled via a Profibus interface. Despite the size restrictions of a Profibus communication, all the necessary test parameters can be sent to the Palltronic Flowstar instrument and all the data needed to identify the integrity test instrument in the system as well as the test results can be transferred back. In addition to the remote control functions, all data that is stored in the instrument, such as test programs, test results, user lists and the instrument configuration
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can be exported to PDF or XML files and can be automatically transferred either to a USB flash drive that is connected to the instrument or to a defined folder on the network.

With all these functions a Palltronic Flowstar instrument can be used very flexibly within a pharmaceutical process. It can be set up to perform an in-line test of a process filter that is initiated from the process control system, and can later be used for an offline test in the filter test laboratory. The results of both tests can then be automatically transferred to a data collection system, either immediately or the next time the instrument is connected to the network. Each Palltronic Flowstar IV instrument is delivered with the interface descriptions and the libraries that are needed to program the client software. 

Options For Connecting a Palltronic Flowstar IV instrument to a Network or Process Controller

Availability Of Remote Control and Online Data Logging Options for Palltronic Flowstar IV Instruments

  Basic Model (FFS04B) Standard Model (FFS04S) Wireless Model (FFS04R)
OPC UA communication Not Available
Profibus communication Not Available Available¹ Available¹
Data transfer to USB flash drive (PDF/XML)
Data transfer to network drive (PDF/XML) Not Available
1Instruments can be upgraded with an internal Profibus card - see the 'Ordering Information' tab on the Palltronic Flowstar IV instrument product page