Fine Contaminant Control

Solvent Processing

For the finest particulate removal, and bioburden removal in solvents, Pall's proprietary PTFE hydrophobic pleated membrane cartridge filters are typically used. For higher levels of contamination and with a wider range of particulates, the optimum choice is likely to be from the our range of uniquely efficient customized-design polypropylene filter cartridge products. 
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Emflon® FM Filter Cartridges
Emflon FM filter cartridges are specifically designed for fine contaminant control in solvent environments. The use of a proprietary PTFE membrane and proprietary Ultipleat® pleated technology provides a highly efficient filter with broad chemical compatibility.

Emflon® PFR Filter Cartridges
Emflon PFR filter cartridges utilize a double layer of proprietary PTFE membrane to provide very fine particulate control and sterile filtration in solvent environments.

'Q' Grade

The application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) within active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) processes as described in the ICHQ7A guidance document is becoming increasingly important. Pall's 'Q' Grade products are high quality, economical filters for many applications within API processes. These products are supplied with a ‘Q’ certificate of quality, incorporating essential product and manufacturing quality details.

Emflon® FM Filter Cartridges (Q Grade)
Emflon FM filter cartridges (Q Grade) are designed for cost-effective clarification of solvents used in the manufacture of antibiotics and other active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Nexis® A Filter Cartridges (Q Grade)
Nexis A filter cartridges (Q Grade) are all-polypropylene depth filters that provide robust economic filtration for weak solvent/lower temperature environments. They are ideal for feeds with a wide particle size distribution of contaminants.

Poly-Fine® II Filter Cartridges (Q Grade)
Poly-Fine II filter cartridges (Q Grade) are all-polypropylene pleated filters that provide cost-effective filtration for weak solvent/lower temperature environments requiring higher flow rates/shorter processing time than Nexis A Filter Cartridges (Q Grade).

For additional products (depending on compatibility), see information on depth filters for even higher solids capability and further information on Sterile Filtration and Bioburden Control. Filter housings are supplied as standard products or customized to the application as needed, according to special safety or regulatory considerations including containment.

Aqueous (Water-Based) Processing

Nexis A and Poly-Fine II filter cartridges (Q Grade) products are still optimal for many aqueous applications but for finer size ratings, and where solvent compatibility is not an issue, many alternative Pall products may be found in the Clarification and Prefiltration section.

Air and Gas

For sterile applications in air and most gases, we recommend our validated low pressure-drop Emflon® PFR filter cartridges in a wide size range of either stainless steel housings, or as filter capsules. For particulate or containment controls, a wide selection is available from filters which are also used in liquids (filter removal efficiency in gas applications is much higher than in liquids, i.e. a finer rating in liquids than in gases). See the Clarification and Prefiltration section.

Emflon® PFR Filter Cartridges
Emflon PFR filter cartridges utilize a double layer of proprietary PTFE membrane to provide very fine particulate control and sterile filtration in a solvent environment.

Further information on filters for air and gases can be found under the Venting and Gas Filtration section.