High performance features are at the core of Pall’s depth filtration technology. Pall combines these high performance features with high quality materials, ease of use and a wide selection of formats and material grades to make our depth filter product range the best choice for cell harvest, clarification and prefiltration process steps.


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Disposable Depth Filter System

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Pall ensures the performance of our depth filter range by prioritizing quality manufacturing, range and flexibility, and maximum throughput in depth filter design.  


Quality Manufacturing

Pall’s depth filter sheets are manufactured under precise, highly-controlled conditions for extremely high lot-to-lot consistency.
  • Pall's manufacturing procedures are validated for in-process manufacturing controls, incoming goods controls and specifications and quality release criteria. Customers are invited to review processes during customer on-site plant audits.
  • Pall quality release procedures for each lot of material are validated and documented.
  • Pall's P-series products are stringently tested for very low release of extractables and extremely low endotoxin content (< 0.06 EU/mL prior to rinsing with 50 L/m2 WFI).
  • Pall offers comprehensive Validation Guides for our P-Series, HP-Series and AKS-Series product families.

Having a continuous manufacturing process enables large, consistent manufacturing lot runs with repeatable, scalable results for our customers.

Range and Flexibility

Pall offers depth filter technology in Filter Sheet, Module and Capsule formats.