Crossflow microfiltration (MF) is a highly efficient way to remove small suspended solids, large colloids, and micro organisms from large volumes of water. New generations of membranes in robust materials and large area format, which are unique to Pall, provide excellent economy and exceptionally stable performance independent of variability in feed water. Operating pressures are lower than UF (typically 1 to 2 bar) and the systems use backwash and air scrubbing techniques to minimize requirements for chemical regeneration.

  • Removes turbidity, suspended solids, bioburden
  • Reduces silt density index (SDI) to protect RO/NF and ion exchange
  • Compatible with chlorine and other chemicals which may be present in feed
  • Minimal waste stream
  • Low operating cost
  • Stable filtrate and low chemical compared to multimedia filters

High Purity Water Systems for the Biopharmaceutical Industry Brochure