Mustang® Ion Exchange Chromatography Membrane Devices

Mustang ion-exchange membrane chromatography devices offer a flexible solution in bioprocessing, with scalable devices that can be used either as single- or multiple-use products. High volumetric flow rates lead to increased throughput, and the simple, easy-to-use compact design enables reduced buffer consumption and overall process economic improvements. Mustang membrane products are ideal for efficient contaminant removal and capture of large target molecules (plasmid DNA, viral vectors, etc.).

Users benefit from:

  • Efficient contaminant removal
  • High volumetric throughput
  • Reduced process costs

Process Development and Scale Up

Mustang Q XT capsules can also be used as disposable devices, but have been designed with a robust polypropylene housing that can withstand long-term storage and re-use. Mustang XT capsules are available in 5 mL, 140 mL and 5 L volumes.

Mustang Q, S, and E capsules are disposable, single-use devices in 10 mL, 60 mL, 240 mL, 580 mL and 780 mL volumes. Available in Q, S, and E chemistries.

Screening and Optimization

Pall's AcroPrep™ Advance 96-well filter plates are easy tools to screen chromatography sorbents or perform high throughput purification.

Mustang® Membrane Chromatography Starter Kits are disposable units designed for the rapid selection of appropriate chemistry and method development.

Mustang XT Acrodisc UnitThe XT Acrodisc unit with Mustang Q or S membrane is an easy-to-use, encapsulated device that features the same 16-layer construction as larger capacity Mustang capsules, making it ideal for process development scale-up or scale-down studies.

The Acrodisc unit with Mustang E membrane is used for the removal of endotoxin from water, buffer, neutral sugars, and certain biological solutions.

Mustang membrane products are also available for laboratory purifications.

Improving Downstream Processing Using Membrane Chromatography
Mustang Q XT
Mustang Q XT Chromatography Capsules
High throughput, scalable, reusable IEX chromatography
Mustang® XT Acrodisc®
Mustang® XT Acrodisc® Ion Exchange
For Laboratory Use and Process Development