Process Development

Pall has the capability to support our customers in development of separation and purification processes. Whether driving to bring new products to market or streamlining and troubleshooting existing processes, Pall Life Sciences can provide flexible solutions and high quality documentation to back it up. Pall specialists operating in the field can quickly access dedicated Pall technologists, equipment, and laboratories for services ranging from simple advice to pilot investigations or full detailed research proposals.

Unit Operations for an Integrated Process

Since Pall is the largest provider of separation and purification media, hardware and both automated and disposable systems, we are uniquely positioned to quickly optimize solutions for each customer.The technologies upon which we focus include:

  • Direct flow depth and membrane filtration
  • Tangential (cross) flow membrane filtration
  • Dynamic membrane separations
  • Membrane chromatography
  • Coalescing filters
  • Specialized Research and Development processes (for example, novel uses of membranes for affinity based separation techniques)
  • Water treatment and purification equipment


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Typical Process Development/Optimization Services

Services available as individual or combined activities include:
  • Membrane and module selection tests
  • System-design optimization tests
  • Cleaning cycle development
  • Analytical services
  • Qualification of disposable process
  • Process modelling
  • Systems design
  • Inspection and report
  • Engineering services for vessels and pipework


Capabilities & Resources


Pall's Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS) is represented by thirty five laboratory facilities at strategic locations world-wide. Many of these laboratories have their own process wet test area where customer fluids or simulated products can be tested. Equipment can also be rented for trials.

This laboratory network is backed by specific centers of expertise in downstream processing and has direct access to core Research and Development centers where more advanced customer liaison. In response to the increasing importance of biotechnology processes and products, specialized biologics laboratories have been created in Portsmouth (UK) and in Florida and New York (USA). Capabilities include mammalian cell culture and bacterial fermentation with qualification to handle genetically modified organisms to Class 2, equipment for optimization of downstream processes including membrane chromatography, development of disposable systems, and many aspects of bioanalytical support.

Time is Valuable

Pall recognizes customers' increasing requirement to reduce the time to take products to market. Pall has over 50 years of innovation and development experience with proven solutions, for membrane purification and separation. Whether it is direct flow filtration, tangential flow filtration, chromatography or disposable systems, Pall can deploy a range of scalable and reproducible products for every application. This is backed with the capability to provide complete documentation for every test protocol or complete unit operation. Delegating process development to Pall technologists can substantially reduce process-development time.


Ordering Information and Charges


Each project is assessed individually. Wherever possible, we provide a fixed price in advance. Where this is not possible, we will offer an estimate to assist you in budgeting and cost control. The final invoice gives details on items such as labor, and materials.

What’s the Next Step?

Contact your local Pall representatives, or contact Pall at 800-717-7255 or  We will contact you to They will discuss your specific requirements and forward your enquiry to Pall technical specialists.