Process Economics

The economics of a bioprocess is dependent on the performance of the technologies, ease of operation, maintenance and longevity. Collectively these factors impact the owner’s cost to operate a bioprocess manufacturing operation, whether for clinical or full manufacturing scale.

Optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership can only be achieved when you have a strong relationship with a supplier that understands your challenges. Pall offers a complete range of downstream processing products and services for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We work closely with customers to define, design and deliver integrated process solutions that improve process economics.

  Improving Downstream Processing Using Membrane Chromatography

Tangential Flow Filtration

Unique Selectivities Enhance
Contaminant Removal

MEP, HEA and PPA HyperCel sorbents bring unique selectivities that significantly reduce contaminants (host cell proteins, virus and DNA) during monoclonal antibody purification. When used as an HIC alternative, they greatly reduce the amount of salt required for protein binding, enhancing process performance and economics. Learn more

Unique Selectivities and “Salt Tolerance” to Increase Separation Options and Improve Process Flexibility

NEW HyperCel STAR AX anion exchanger has a unique “salt tolerance” that allows either high capacity capture of proteins or impurity removal from feedstock at conductivities up to 15 mS/cm. This eliminates time and buffer consuming unit operations like dilution or diafiltration. The final result is better process economics, faster processes and additional flexibility. Learn more...

HyperCel STAR AX and Q and S HyperCel high productivity ion exchange (IEX) sorbents offer differentiated selectivities that can improve the separation of your target molecule from closely-related contaminants.

Innovative Designs Improve Process Economics

Mustang Q XT ion exchange capsules provide a compact footprint with patented membrane technology to significantly improve process economics. Scalable capsules can reduce buffer consumption, increase throughput and lower capital, reagent, and labor costs – all without compromising contaminant removal performance. Learn more…

New Chromatography Products Drive Down Process Costs

Chromatography Capsule

Chromatography System

Chromatography Columns

Pall has added several new high-performance process components for chromatography to its line-up – key starting points in the design of an economic process:

  1. Mixed-Mode Sorbents (MEP HyperCel™, HEA HyperCel, and PPA HyperCel): New selectivities, full scalability and additional application benefits can lower initial investment cost by reducing the number of process steps (eliminate diafiltration, for example). Fewer steps require less floor space for buffer prep and water generation. Cutting costs and waste are added benefits for drug producers who use Pall sorbents. MEP, HEA, and PPA HyperCel sorbents reduce the amount of salt required for the binding and purification of proteins.
  2. Mustang® XT Chromatography Devices­: Pall has coupled its core technologies with extensive chromatography experience to develop a range of high-performance ion exchange membrane chromatography devices that are reliable, easy to use and enable customers to significantly improve their process economics through reduced buffer consumption, increased throughput and a reduced capital expense.
  3. Mustang Starter Kits: The Mustang membrane chromatography starter kit is available for rapid screening and process development work.
  4. Resolute® Chromatography Columns: Scalable columns are designed for packing your sorbent correctly the first time. The columns require less buffer and Clean-In-Place (CIP) volumes, reducing consumable spend. Features for maintenance in place easily reduce turnaround time for planned maintenance and product changeover.
  5. PKP Chromatography Systems: Provide the ability to transition from pilot-scale chromatographic processes to final process-scale without loss in separation performance
  6. PK Chromatography Systems: Designed for complex chromatographic biopurification unit operations, controlling the higher-level aspects of process performance, while meeting the critical demands of biopharmaceutical processes.

Pall stays with you from start-up through the life of your process. We do that by having the right people with the right tools and experience available to serve you when needed. Build your process on these new highly-economical process components from Pall. 


Single-use Technologies Improve Efficiencies

The use of scalable and single-use technologies can significantly improve process economics by eliminating time-consuming steps, safety risks and several sources of capital and recurring expenses. Efficient vaccine production, for example, requires flexibility and scalability, and current fears of an avian flu pandemic only increase the need for manufacturing capacity. Single-use technologies that efficiently process larger volumes can play a pivotal role in moving the majority of vaccines from clinical trial to full-scale manufacturing.

Mustang® Chromatography Capsules

Chromatography Component

PK Chromatography System