Product Descriptions

Part Number Prefix Style Description
FTK 47 mm Flat Sheet Filters

47 mm diameter filter discs are ideal for bench-top filterability studies (filter evaluation in terms of retention, flow and throughput). Pall can supply both the appropriate filter disc holders and a broad array of 47 mm filter discs for small-volume filterability studies

SBF Junior Filter Cartridges
(SBF Style)

Junior filter cartridges (SBF style) are the smallest of Pall’s replaceable cartridge format filters to feature a pleated membrane, and function with dedicated stainless steel ‘In-Line’ or ‘T’ style housings. They are ideal for the processing of small volumes of fluid (2 L to 50 L) for R&D, process development or small-scale manufacturing

Junior Filter Cartridges (MCY Style)

Junior filter cartridges (MCY style) are single-use filter cartridges, for use with in-line stainless steel filter housings, and feature double O-ring piston seals comparable to ‘AB-style’ cartridges. They are designed for the processing of volumes of material (30 L to 500 L) in a small-to-mid-size GMP manufacturing environment

Junior Filter Cartridges

Designed as replaceable elements to be installed in stainless steel housings for the filtration of liquids (30 L to 500 L) in small-to-medium scale GMP manufacturing operations, they feature internal O-ring to post tube fittings in ‘T’ style inlet/outlet housings

Sealkleen Filter Cartridges

Sealkleen filters, with a Pall-innovated design that eliminates the risk of bypass from upstream to downstream, are single-use filter cartridges to be used with purpose-designed in-line stainless steel housings. They are ideally suited for filtration requirements in small to medium-sized GMP manufacturing operations (30 L to 500 L)

Standard (‘AB-Style’) Filter Cartridges

Pall’s standard AB-style filters are replaceable cartridges used with stainless steel housing assemblies, suitable for medium-to-large-scale manufacturing operations (100 L to > 1000 L). With Code 7 fittings as standard, these cartridges are the most versatile filtration units in Pall’s product range, and are available with a broader range of filtration media than any other filter type. These cartridges are also available encapsulated in the Kleenpak™ Nova capsule format

KM2 Mini Kleenpak Syringe Filter Capsules

Mini Kleenpak syringe filter capsules are designed for use in the laboratory. Featuring the lowest surface area in Pall’s UpScale range and a very small hold-up volume, they are ideal for filtering the smallest quantities of fluids (up to 100 mL) with minimal losses

KM5 Mini Kleenpak 20 Capsules

Mini Kleenpak 20 capsules are suited to both the filtration of low volumes of fluids (50 mL to 2 L) in the laboratory for filterability purposes, or in a GMP production environment where a certified filter product is essential and a single-use alternative to the cleaning of 47 mm disc holders is desired

KA02 Mini Kleenpak Capsules

Mini Kleenpak capsules are used in the laboratory for process development and in pilot and manufacturing scale operations if processing requirements do not demand a large filter (process volumes from 2 L to 50 L). They are the smallest capsule filters with a pleated membrane in Pall’s UpScale range and are excellent for modeling filter performance at large production scale

Kleenpak Capsules

Kleenpak capsules are rugged and compact, can be supplied with a broad range of filter media, and can be offered in up to four different filter area sizes designed for a variety of applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments (volumes of 30 L to 1000 L) from small to large-scale. These in-line single-use assemblies are available with sanitary or hose barb inlet/outlet fittings

Novasip™ Capsules

Novasip capsules are the first and only single-use filter capsules that can be sterilized by in-line steaming (SIP). These robust filter capsules are an ideal low-maintenance alternative to a stainless steel housing and cartridge assembly, often still considered the only option when a filter must be integrated into an SIP system. Novasip capsules are certified for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments and sized for liquid volumes of 30 L to 500 L or in low-to-moderate flow air/gas/vent applications

Kleenpak Nova Capsules

Kleenpak Nova capsules are designed for use in medium-to-large-scale production environments (100 L to > 1000 L), and are often selected by the end user following scaling studies using the smaller Kleenpak capsule formats. Kleenpak Nova capsules can be offered in ‘In-line’ (NP) or ‘T’ style (NT) inlet/outlet configurations with sanitary flange or hose barb fittings. With the AB-style filter cartridge at their core, Kleenpak Nova filter capsules can be supplied with the most comprehensive range of filter media among all of Pall’s single-use capsules