Supracap™ 50 Depth Filter Capsules

Small Volume and Scalable

Supracap 50 capsules are designed for developing and optimizing a process during scale-up and scale-down studies. They can be used to quickly and accurately determine which series and grade of depth filter media will provide the best performance as well as the necessary filtration area required to meet process volume.

Supracap 50 capsules are readily scalable to Pall Supracap 100 capsules, Supradisc™ I, and Supradisc II depth filter modules. Supracap 50 capsules are also available with Seitz® HP sheet media (double-layer) that scales to Pall Supradisc HP filter modules.  Supracap 50 capsules are available with a wide selection of Seitz depth filter media for optimal grade selection.

High Quality Standards

  • Batch tested in order to meet all quality requirements
  • Manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9000
  • All plastic components used in construction meet the specifications for Biological Reactivity Tests in vivo for Class VI Plastics (121 °C) as described in the current United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

Fields of Application

  • Cell harvesting
  • Clarification of fermentation broth
  • Antibiotics
  • Serum
  • Blood products
  • Vaccines
  • Plant extracts

Pall UpScaleSM Program

From drug discovery and basic research, through process development and production, Pall Corporation is the single source for all your filtration and separation needs. Our UpScale program provides you with the scalable products and support you need to bring new products to market faster.

Pall Activated Carbon Filters

Supracap 50 capsules are also available as part of the scalable Pall activated carbon filter range, incorporating Seitz® AKS filter media in 9 different grades of carbon.

Further Information

Further information is available on Pall's range of Filter Modules and Capsules with Seitz Depth Filter Media and also the Pall Supracap Depth Filter Capsules range of products.