Blue Trisacryl® M Affinity Chromatography Sorbent


Blue Trisacryl M dye-affinity chromatography sorbent is used for the purification of a wide variety of enzymes and proteins such as kinases, interferons, and some coagulation factors. It is also used for albumin purification or albumin depletion in samples for proteomics research.

Blue Trisacryl M sorbent is based on Trisacryl GF2000 support, a macroporous non ionic synthetic polymer on which Cibacron blue 3GA is covalently immobilized through a stable six-carbon spacer arm to prevent leakage of the dye in normal working conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique multi-modal interaction mechanism
  • Strong bond of dye-to-sorbent prevents leakage of the dye
  • Multiple laboratory to production scale applications

Presentation and Storage

Blue Trisacryl M sorbent is available as ready-to-use labpacks suspended in 1 M sodium chloride with 20% (v/v) ethanol as bacteriostatic, or in drums for process-scale applications.

For fast screening laboratory applications, the sorbent is available in 1 mL AcroSep™ column (1.48 cm bed height x 0.94 cm bed diameter). This dark blue color coded column has threaded female luer lock inlets and rotating male luer locking hub outlets, and can be easily operated using a syringe or a pump.