Emflon® PFR Membrane Filter Cartridges

High Strength, Long Life Sterilizing Filters for Air and Gas

Emflon® PFR filters have been developed from the successful Emflon filter range launched in 1981 and widely used as air and gas sterilizing filters in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The double layer PTFE membrane is inherently hydrophobic, chemically inert and designed specifically for removal of contaminating bacteria and viruses. Emflon PFR filters meet the ever increasing demand for air filters with greater strength, longer life and the ability to withstand the rigours of
in-situ steaming in the forward or reverse direction.

Superior Performance

Emflon PFR filters provide high assurance of filter integrity and long life, even during continuous use in hot air up to 60°C, in vent applications up to 80°C and during repeated steaming. The filters can withstand up to 1 bar (14.5 psi) differential pressure (forward direction) under steam sterilization conditions (125°C). This is combined with high flow rates and excellent dewetting characteristics resulting in very economical filtration through the use of smaller installations and reduced energy costs. In addition, the filters can be tested in-situ by the Forward Flow integrity test or by a Water Intrusion test. Both tests are correlated to liquid bacterial challenge - the ‘worst case’ challenge.

Scientific Validation

Emflon PFR filters have been extensively and scientifically validated using the most advanced methods and the most sensitive equipment available. They have an absolute removal rating of
0.2 µm in liquids and 0.003µm in gases and have been validated by:

  • Brevundimonas (Pseudomonas) diminuta liquid challenge at 107/cm2
  • Brevundimonas (Pseudomonas) diminuta aerosol challenge
  • PP7 bacteriophage aerosol challenge
  • Airborne sodium chloride aerosol challenge at 100 L/min flow (0.003 µm rated in gases).

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive validation assures highest removal efficiency and highest safety margins. High flow rates and low pressure drop allow use of small systems, reducing installation and running costs. Robust construction ensures integrity and reliability. Long steaming life and long service offer low cost filtration.

Click here to download an article which describes studies on removal efficiency and resistance to steam sterilization of Emflon PFR filters (PDF, 75 kb)