Stax™ Disposable Depth Filter Systems

The Most Versatile Disposable Depth Filter Platform

Stax capsules, utilizing Seitz® high performance depth filter media and the patented Supradisc™ II module design, are ideally suited for demanding prefiltration and clarification biopharmaceutical applications. This ready-to-use platform is an ideal tool to streamline your process filtration applications. Stax disposable depth filter capsules increase process efficiencies and address the needs for simplicity, safety, speed, and intuitive operation. Optimized with a small foot print design, the Stax platform makes for an easy to handle and operate process step.

Scalable in size and performance to meet lab, pilot and process needs, Pall’s Stax disposable capsules enable greater flexibility and ease of use than traditional depth filter technology. With three interchangeable capsule sizes ranging from 0.25 m2 to 2.0 m2 (2.70 ft2 to 21.5 ft2). Stax capsules permit incremental increases in process fluid volume and filter area through the use of this modular design.

Simple, Intuitive Operation

The Most Versatile Disposable Depth Filter PlatformPlaced into one of three different sized chassis, Pall’s single use Stax capsules eliminate the use of stainless steel housings which require costly cleaning and cleaning validation. Stax system chassis are designed for assembly and use by a single operator and provide a logically conceived disposable platform in which the operator can load, operate and unload in an ergonomically designed vertical orientation. The ability to operate with two different media grades in one chassis (serial filtration) further improves the flexibility and economy of operating the Stax platform. With simple, straight forward and familiar features, the Stax platform eliminates the risk of error or mishap and enables greater process success. Integrating Pall’s Allegro™ platforms into a comprehensive single-use system will further maximize the overall benefits of implementing a single-use strategy and the Stax platform.

Features Benefits
Low hold-up volume Greater product recovery and lower post use rinse volume requirements than traditional modules and housings.
Post use blow down in forward or reverse flow direction are possible.
Seamless linear scalability Greater flexibility and assurance of process success from <1L to 20,000+ L
Scalable through Pall’s entire line of scale-up devices (Supracap™ 50 and Supracap 100 capsules) as well as traditional Supradisc I and Supradisc II modules. Provides assurance of meeting process design and requirements.
Minimized risk  The Stax capsules are based upon the outstanding design of Pall’s Supradisc II modules, which provides benefits in process stability due to their high mechanical robustness. 
No housings Easier to use and manipulate while eliminating operator safety issues.
Completely disposable Eliminates need for cleaning and cleaning validation.
Encapsulated design Reduces operator exposure to potential biohazards.
Intuitive operation  Reduces operator training and increases time to acceptance.
Small footprint Enables use in close proximity to other equipment and reduces cost to install.

Minimized Risk

Benefiting from Pall’s Supradisc II mechanically robust module design, the Stax capsules provide stable filtration results batch to batch. Through the use of interlocking and welded dual drainage plates, this robust module design is able to provide the structural integrity necessary for:

  • Unobstructed process flow
  • Consistent filtration results
  • Minimized risk to filter media ruptures due toreverse pressure
  • Minimized risk of damage due to shipping and handling