PRC Prepacked Chromatography Columns with Q and S HyperCel™ Ion Exchange Sorbents

Rapid selectivity screening of Q and S HyperCel ion exchangers
  • Convenient – Ready-to-use 1 mL and 5 mL prepacked columns.
  • Easy to use – Direct connection to commonly-used laboratory chromatography systems such as ÄKTA* systems.
  • Efficient – High packing efficiency (> 2,500 plates/meter).
  • Consistent – Screen Pall ion exchange chromatography sorbents under reliable and reproducible conditions, and guarantee performance run after run.

Ion Exchange Chromatography Sorbents

Q and S HyperCel sorbentsare composed of a rigid cellulose matrix that has excellent flow properties and generates low backpressure. They provide:
  • High dynamic binding capacity at short residence time
  • Use in either capture or intermediate steps
  • Fast re-equilibration, allowing buffer and time savings
  • Direct scale up to pilot or production scale columns
*ÄKTA is a trademark of GE Healthcare companies.