Micro-24 MicroReactor System

The Pall Micro-24 MicroReactor system is a compact solution for efficient cell line evaluation and process development. With options for a variety of culture conditions including aerobic & anaerobic microbial fermentation, mammalian & insect cell culture, the Micro-24 System offers the most flexible operating conditions available. The Micro-24 MicroReactor system runs up to 24 simultaneous bioreactor experiments with independent control and monitoring of each reactor's gas supply, temperature and pH. It is designed for easy set-up and operation using single-use cassettes and closures.


Pall has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced single-use solutions for cell culture applications
Micro-24 Gas Micro Mixer
Create custom gas mixtures to rapidly optimize bioreactor gas control strategies
  • Single-use MicroReactor Cassettes:
    • 24 reactors per cassette
    • pH and DO sensors pre-calibrated
    • Irradiated and ready to use
    • Working volume is 3 to 7 mL
  • Independent control of each MicroReactor:
    • Dissolved oxygen
    • pH
    • Temperature
  • System-level control of agitation
  • Real-time monitoring and control

The Micro-24 MicroReactor Instrument

The Micro-24 MicroReactor features an integrated vacuum system to secure the single-use cassette during operation. Efficient mixing is achieved through an orbiting baseplate . Mixing conditions can be varied to support processes from shear sensitive stem cells to high density microbial. Each reactor in the single use cassette features the following sensing and control features:

  • Gas injection port for up to three control gases
  • Individual heater for temperature control
  • Individual thermocouple for temperature monitoring
  • pH optical sensor
  • DO optical sensor

For More Information

For more information on the Micro-24 MicroReactor, or to arrange a call with a Pall Process Development Specialist, please contact us at bioreactors@pall.com