Sterile/Bioburden Control Products for Product Filtration


The selection of a correct filtration membrane depends on the stage in the biopharmaceutical process and whether a sterile claim is needed. While the harvesting stages involve a greater amount of dirt filtration, the end-of-process stages are much easier to filter.

Pall recommends that sterile filtration membranes be used in the stages before a storage tank or in late-stage processes, and that bioburden-control membranes be used for earlier stages.

Use the following table to help choose the correct membrane:

Application Claim Product
Harvesting Step Bioburden Supor® EAV Filter Series
Harvesting Step Sterile Fluorodyne® EX EDF Filter Series
Early-Stage Processes Bioburden Supor® EAV Filter Series
Late-Stage Processes Sterile Fluorodyne® EX EDF Filter Series
Before Storage Tanks Sterile Fluorodyne® EX EDF Fiter Series

Single –use Systems

The fully automated Allegro MVP single-use system can be used with a range of Pall capsule filters in upstream and downstream processing activities.

Microbial Control Filter Selector

Links to sterile filtration and bioburden control products and technologies for product filtration applications