Sterile Buffer Filtration Products

Most buffer filtrations in a biotechnological process are used to control the level of bioburden in the overall process.

As a special dedicated bioburden-control filter was not on the market, sterilizing-grade filters have been chosen for this process step. As there are so many filter steps throughout the biotech process, a bioburden-control filter would help minimize the filter systems and reduce overall filtration costs without losing process safety.

Pall has developed an all-polyethersulfone (PES) filter which is specially designed to address the needs of proper bioburden control - the Supor® EAV Filter Series. 

If there is a need for sterilizing-grade filters in these kind of applications, the Supor® EKV Filter Series offers a sterilizing grade claim with high flow-rates and is designed for this process step.

For Bioburden Control:

Supor® EAV Filter Series

For Sterilizing-Grade:

Supor® EKV Filter Series
(for clean fluids)

Fluorodyne® EX Grade EDF
(for applications with higher dirt load)

Single–use Systems

The fully automated Allegro MVP single-use system can be used with a range of Pall capsule filters in upstream and downstream processing activities.

Microbial Control Filter Selector

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