Sterile Filtration and Bioburden Control

  • Versatility

Microbially-Rated Membrane Filters For Use in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The output of a pure, high-quality pharmaceutical product is dependent on precisely- controlled unit operations. Filters using highly-developed membrane filter technology, with validated microbial removal claims (termed microbially-rated filters) are either critical or accessory to these. Depending on the levels of safety required, microbially-rated filters are used for either fluid sterilization or bioburden and particle control. 
Pall supplies a range of microbially-rated filters to satisfy different end-user filtration applications, whether upstream, downstream or at laboratory, pilot or production scale. Pall sterilizing-grade filters are available in filter capsule configurations and can be sterilized by gamma-irradiation for integration into Allegro™ Single Use Systems.

Bioprocess Applications (including Biotechnology, Vaccines, Plasma)

Fill-Finish Applications

Microbially-Rated Membrane Filter Grades

*Pall’s latest microbially rated filter products incorporate unique design features to deliver the
highest levels of process efficiency, including:
  • MachV highly-asymmetric filtration layer
  • Laid-over-pleat membrane geometry
  • Narrow-core design
Find the best filter for your application using the Pall Microbial Control Filter Selector
Pall provides instruments, systems and tools for integrity testing of filters