Sterile Filtration Applications Products

The fermentation process is one of the most critical steps in a biotechnological process. The consequences of fermenter infection are very costly and great care should be taken to avoid this. Our Fluorodyne® EX Filter Series is specifically designed for media filtration applications and for preventing such infections. The filters have a very unique hybrid construction that combines all the advantages of polyethersulfone (PES) and polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF) into one product. As media is often relatively viscous with high dirt-load, the filters are 'throughput optimized' which will reduce total filtration costs.

Media Can Be Divided Into:

  • Media for microbial processes (0.2 micron filters preferred)
  • Media for mammalian processes (0.1 micron filters preferred)

For Sterilizing-Grade:

Fluorodyne® EX Grade EDF (0.2 micron)

For Mycoplasma Control:

Fluorodyne® EX Grade EDT (0.1 micron)

Single –use Systems

The fully automated Allegro MVP single-use system can be used with a range of Pall capsule filters in upstream and downstream processing activities.

Microbial Control Filter Selector

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