Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

Laboratory TFF Systems

Minimate™ TFF System
Designed to work with Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Capsules, this easy-to-use system can process sample volumes up to 1 L or more and efficiently concentrate samples to as little as 5 mL. Subsequent desalting or buffer exchange steps can be run on the same system with minimal user intervention.
The ready-to-use Minimate TFF System includes a Masterflex L/S variable speed peristaltic pump, as well as a 0 - 4 bar (0 - 60 psi) pressure gauge, valves, 500 mL reservoir with magnetic stir bar and stir plate all assembled on a compact drip tray. The use of a peristaltic pump with disposable tubing and fittings minimizes sample cross contamination while providing gentle processing for biomolecules. The reservoir is designed to hold up to 500 mL of sample and provides efficient mixing of product. All wetted parts meet USP Class VI testing. A Centramate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Membrane Cassette Holder can be incorporated into the system to run 0.019m2 Centramate™ cassettes.

Centramate™ 500 S Tangential Flow Filtration System
The Centramate 500 S benchtop tangential flow filtration system provides research and development labs with a compact TFF unit for process development in ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) applications. Use of a positive displacement diaphragm pump provides pressure independent flow, ensuring critical parameters do not vary during concentration. The four-piston diaphragm pump delivers constant flow even as the system pressure increases. Direct flow measurement with the magnetic inductive flowmeter means accurate, safe and simple operation is achieved.

A graduated 5 L glass vessel provides full visibility and indication of fluid level during operation, so volumes can be closely controlled. Designed with an ultra-compact flow path, the Centramate 500 S system allows users to operate at volumes as low as 170 mL (when using a single Centramate membrane cassette), enabling high concentration factors to be achieved while minimizing operating volumes. Development, time, risk and process volumes are all minimized.

The sanitary, self-venting, fully-drainable design meets the demands of cGMP environments, with full traceability of process-wetted materials. A completely drainable flow path maximizes product yield, and improves cleaning efficiency. Designed through experience, the Centramate 500 S TFF system meets the requirements for cGMP equipment with a comprehensive qualification and documentation package, calibrated process instrumentation and hygienic design. Data from the process instrumentation can be exported to a PC or laptop computer via the USB port on the Centramate 500 S system.


Custom/Automated TFF Systems

Pall offers scalable, pre-designed systems and custom-designed system to suit your specific process needs. Standard systems are ready-to-use, engineered systems with integrated recipe management tools to expedite your approval processes and reduce your time to market. Pall engineers are available to help you design and build custom manual or automated systems to accommodate your specific process needs. Decades of experience and satisfied customers in the bioprocess industry has proven our ability to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our team of process engineers and design specialists work with you every step of the way to ensure that systems meet your application needs and delivery requirements. Making your process work reliably and repeatable is our goal. To ensure that our entire project team understands your needs, our process engineers will manage your project throughout the entire design, build and commissioning cycle. They will direct the project team to meet your process requirements on time, every time.