Total Contaminant Control

Control of contaminants is a primary issue in defining safety in pharmaceutical and biological manufacturing processes. To address this critical safety issue, Pall has developed a range of robust, scalable Total Contaminant Control technologies to assure you of the highest product safety at every step in your pharmaceutical or biological manufacturing process.

Our technologies will help you meet or exceed your safety specifications for your product or process; and, they are available in configurations suitable for use at laboratory-based research scale to the highest capacity required for large scale manufacturing operations. Additionally, these technologies are often available in single-use formats for ease of operation, and can dramatically reduce your scale- up and manufacturing timelines.

Pall® Total Contaminant Control technologies are available to address a wide range of potential contaminants, including:

  • Organisms: bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses
  • Raw material contaminants: endotoxins
  • Process-generated intermediates or metabolic by-products: host cell protein, host cell DNA 
  • Particulates and cellular debris
  • Process components: reduction/removal of water, salts

Pall® Total Contaminant Control will give you robust options and strategies to best:

  • Prevent contaminant entry into your process or system
  • Reduce contaminants to safe or undetectable levels
  • Remove contaminants
  • Inactivate contaminants, when removal or reduction is not possible
  • Prevent product or contaminant escape from your process or system
  Mycoplasma Control

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