Transgenic Processes

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A large number of fungi, plants and animals are being harnessed for the production of therapeutic products - some examples:

  • Goats – product in milk
  • Chickens – product in eggs
  • Rabbits – product in milk
  • Fish – product in oil
  • Flowering plants – product in seeds or leaves
  • Monocots (grasses) – product in seeds
  • Mushrooms – product in tissue

Pall is uniquely positioned to handle purification processes from a diverse collection of starting materials. In each case, the downstream process for purifying the therapeutic entity will be similar to cell culture processes, but extracting the product from milk, seeds, mushroom stalks or other complex starting materials upstream requires a more specialized approach.

Pall® technologies such as the PallSep™ VMF Separation System may be employed for biomass concentration or separation due to its ability to handle very high solids loaded materials. Stainless steel filter cartridges, ceramic tangential flow filter systems, and high-capacity depth filters may be used, and products such as coalescers may be invaluable where phase separations are required.

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