Utilities: Gas Systems

Steam Filtration

Common uses for steam include general equipment cleaning and sanitization, sterilization of filters and process equipment, operating thermal process equipment and direct contact product sterilization.

Steam can often contain significant amounts of pipe scale and debris. Removal of these particulate contaminants from process steam is required to prevent product contamination and fouling of filters and process equipment. Clean-filtered steam helps prevent equipment downtime and improves process efficiency.

PSS® Porous Metal Filter Cartridges
These have removal ratings which comply with 3-A Sanitary Standards for steam and are suitable for direct pharmaceutical product contact.

Air/Gas Filtration

LG Liquid and Gas Coalescing Filter Cartridges
Remove liquid aerosol droplets from gas streams by forming larger droplets which drain from the assembly by gravity.

Emflon® PFR Sterile Air Membrane Cartridges
Represent Pall's latest advanced technology in manufacturing PTFE membranes and filters for production of sterile air and gases. Emflon PFR filters are the choice for providing sterile point-of-use air or gas filtration in aseptic packaging, aeration of products, purging and preflushing containers prior to filling.

Vent Filtration

Maintaining cleanliness or sterility in bulk storage tanks is an important part of a plant's quality control program. Emflon PFR filters prevent introduction of airborne contaminants through tank vents. These filters also serve to maintain sanitary conditions of product storage and reduce risk of product contamination, increase product yields and improve product quality.

Biopharmaceutical Services

Bioprocess Systems

Utilities: Gas Systems - Filter Recommendations

Filter Number Application Filter Products Media Grade Removal Rating
1 Steam Filtration PSS H S200 1.3 micron
2.8 micron
2 Air/Gas coalescer/prefilter LG Coalescer LG 0.3 micron
3 Sterile tank venting Emflon® PFR PFR 0.2 micron
4 Sterile filtration for point-of-use and product transfer Emflon® PFA PFA 0.2 micron

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