Venting, Air and Gas Filtration



Pall filters for pharmaceutical air and gas service are optimized for use in prefiltration of compressed or pressurized gases, and sterile air or gas filtration to completely remove particles, droplets, microorganisms like molds, yeasts or bacteria and even viruses and phages. These filters also find wide use in negative pressure applications such as sterile filtration of vacuum break lines on lyophilizers and autoclaves, and sterile and non-sterile venting of tanks and containers. Pall filters for air and gas service are available in a range of proprietary -manufactured hydrophobic filter media, including PTFE and PVDF as well as glass fiber, polypropylene, cellulose and porous stainless steel. Pall air and gas filters can be sized to meet a wide range of flow and pressure drop requirements, from sterile venting in the laboratory to small process flows in pilot operations, from compressed air flows in process scale operations to full scale air supply in large scale aerobic fermentations at ambient or elevated temperatures.


Venting, Air & Gas Applications

ApplicationWhy filtration is importantHow Pall Can Help
Sterile Venting of: Tanks, Vessels and Transport Containers, Autoclaves, Lyophilizers, Incubators, and Isolators Filling and draining operations during pharmaceutical operations lead to air movement into and out of vessels. In most cases no airborne particles or microorganisms are allowed to enter critical product or water tanks. Pall Emflon® PFR filters are hydrophobic sterile filters removing microorganisms, viruses and particles. They are integrity testable and validated, also for long-term use. For small scale applications that require SIP capability in a disposable capsule, the Novasip filter can be used. GMP compliant Pall Advanta® housings support high air flow rates for economic system design.
Sterile Filtration of Pressurized Air or Gas: Biotechnical Air Supply, Exhaust Air Filtration, Filling and Blow Fill Seal Operations, and Transport of Liquids Many pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes need pressurized air or gas as a basic requirement for optimized operation or cell growth. In most products and processes no particles or microorganisms are allowed to enter via air or gas supply lines whereas biohazardous organisms are not allowed to leave into the environment.
Sterile Filtration of High Flow Fermentor Air Supply Operation of large fermentors up to 100 m3 or more demands very high flow rates of sterile air in order to allow effective cell growth. Historically, large glass fiber towers or multiple narrow bore cartridges have been used. Wide bore Emflon® sterile filters provide flow rates of up to 5000 Nm3/h/cartridge (3000 SCFM/cartridge). Small system size, low capital costs and ease of use are key benefits. The filters are integrity testable and validated to ensure an economic, safe and efficient alternative to packed towers and traditional multi-cartridge sterile air filters. Prefilters are also available to ensure long life and low pressure drop.
Venting and Sterile Filtration of Pressurized Air or Gas in Extreme Environments Some processes in the biopharmaceutical industry that needs sterile air filtration or venting operations are running at higher temperatures. Process safety may be affected if standard materials are not compatible against extreme environmental conditions. Special air filter elements like Emflon® CFR filters with improved material resistance are able to provide safety and long service lives in environments with higher temperatures or elevated oxidation stress.