Venting and Gas Filtration

Pall® filters for pharmaceutical air and gas service are optimized for use in prefiltration of compressed or pressurized gases, and sterile air or gas filtration to completely remove particles and droplets plus microorganisms like molds, yeasts or bacteria and even viruses and phages. These filters also find wide use in negative-pressure applications such as sterile filtration of vacuum break lines on lyophilizers and autoclaves, and sterile and non-sterile venting of tanks and containers. 

Pall® filters for air and gas service are available in a range of proprietary-manufactured hydrophobic filter media, including PTFE and PVDF (for single-use system applications) as well as glass fiber, polypropylene, cellulose and porous stainless steel. Pall® air and gas filters can be sized to meet a wide range of flow and pressure drop requirements, from sterile venting in the laboratory to small process flows in pilot operations, from compressed air flows in process scale operations to full scale air supply in large scale aerobic fermentations at ambient or elevated temperatures. 

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