Vial, Bottle, Pouch (Bag) and Syringe Filling

Liquid fills into a variety of packages, ranging from a few milliliters per dose for injectables, to many liters for large volume parenterals, may involve sterilizing filtration at point of fill, or bioburden reduction (e.g. using 0.45 µm rated filters) for products that are terminally heat sterilized in their final containers.

Pall offers single-use filling machine manifolds, comprising tubing assembly, sterile-grade capsule filters, Kleenpak™ sterile connectors/disconnectors and Allegro™ single-use filling needles, as part of the Allegro program of single-use systems. For contract Pall offers single-use filling machine manifolds as part of the Allegro™ program of Single-use Systems. For contract manufacturers, such single-use systems make for easy start-up and changeover of products without the need to have dedicated capital equipment for smaller numbers of batches.

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Vial, Bottle, Pouch (Bag) and Syringe Filling
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