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e.g. low fouling mAb

Plasma IVIG
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Virus Filtration


Pegasus Prime

Pall's Pegasus Prime virus filters provide robust virus retention to protect critical manufacturing processes, assure drug quality and safeguard health. These gamma irradiated filters combine high flow and robust capacity, to simplify your process and deliver sustainable economy at all scales.

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Pegasus SV4

Pall's Pegasus SV4 virus filters combine constant, stable flow-rates with high viral clearance to significantly reduce processing costs and enable maximum filtration economy in medium to high fouling process fluids.

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Virus Prefiltration


Pegasus Protect

Pegasus Protect prefilters, tailor-made to extend the performance of Pegasus Prime in fouling feeds. Use Pegasus Protect prefitration and Pegasus Prime virus filtration to reduce process times and minimize filter spend across the broadest range of processes.

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Fluorodyne® II DJL

Fluorodyne II DJL 0.1 µm rated filters to guard against unexpected virus filter blockage and control bioburden.

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Pegasus ULV6

Pegasus ULV6 prefilters to enhance the performance of Pegasus SV4 virus filters in the most challenging fluids.

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Specialist Virus Filtration


Ultipor® VF UDV20 Virus Filters

Small virus clearance in the most challenging of plasma processes.

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Ultipor VF DV50 Virus Filters

Optimal performance when large virus clearance is all that is required.

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Other Virus Control Technologies


Virus Inactivation

Low pH hold: Allegro™ Single-Use MVP system and mixing technology are the perfect combination for the automation of viral inactivation processes.

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Virus Inactivation

Solvent Detergent removal: Pall’s SDR HyperD® Solvent-Detergent Removal Chromatography Sorbent is an effective material to achieve satisfactory removal of S/D agents.

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Membrane: Mustang® membrane adsorbers have demonstrated the capacity to remove most viruses by adsorptive removal. The high flow-rate, high-capacity performance characteristics can overcome existing technical limitations of column chromatography.

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Column: Anion-exchange chromatography, which is widely used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, can be a robust viral clearance step when operated in flow-through mode.

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Air Filtration

Air Filtration: Emflon® II and Emflon PFR are validated for the removal of bacteriophage and can play an important role in your virus control strategy.

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Closed Systems

Closed Systems: Allegro Single-Use systems minimize the potential for batch to batch contamination and maintain the cleanliness of the manufacturing area.

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Supporting Technology and Services


Filter Integrity Testing

Filter Integrity Testing: Palltronic® Flowstar IV filter integrity test instrument. Intuitive touch screen operation and rapid testing of critical process filters.

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Service and Technical Support

Service and Technical Support: Pall can assist you and provide the following technical services as part of your process; filterability studies, phage retention validation, virus retention validation support.

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