Virus and Contaminant Removal

Novasip™ DV20 and DV50 Virus Removal Filter Capsules
Novasip DV20 and DV50 Virus Removal Filter Capsules contain Ultipor® membrane and are disposable, 'Junior' Style steamable assemblies designed to remove parvoviruses and other viruses from biotechnology product solutions

Ultipor® VF Grade DV50 Filter Cartridges - SBF Junior Style 
A robust means to remove viruses from liquids by microfiltration, while permitting enhanced transmission of proteins

Ultipor® VF Grade DV20 Virus Removal Filter Cartridges
Integrity-testable, direct flow filters for size-exclusion removal of viruses as small as 20 nm from biotechnology processing solutions

Ultipor® VF Grade DV50 Virus Removal Filter Cartridges
Feature innovative, hydrophilic PVDF microporous membranes to remove significant levels of viruses from biotechnology processing solutions, while enabling > 95% transmission of proteins up to 300 kD or larger

Single-use Virus Filter Systems

The fully automated Allegro MVP single-use system can be used with a range of Pall capsule filters in upstream and downstream processing activities. For operation of virus filters, it provides the consistent and precise operation required, with a fully disposable flowpath and sensors.
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