Beer Stabilization

Brewers optimize the entire brewing process to get the best possible product to the consumer. In the past, there have been few options to heating the beer prior to shipping. Be it PVPP or Silicagels, or both in combination, Pall provides the system and the stabilization media for a stable brewery product. The need to balance effective stabilization to ensure shelf-life requirements, with process economics and product profitability led to the development of the following: 

Products for Beer Stabilization

Continuous Beer Stabilization (CBS) System
The Pall Continuous Beer Stabilization (CBS) System provides  continuous beer stabilization that streamlines production and improves operating efficiencies for breweries.

SUPRAdisc™ II Depth Filter Modules
SUPRAdisc II Depth Filter ModulesIncreased capacity, reliability, handling advantages, and robustness as compared with classic stacked disc modules. Important cost savings are realized with  these next generation modules due to their unique design advantages. 


  Microbreweries and Corporate Breweries

Beer Making Applications
Beer Clarification
Beer Stabilization
Bottle Washing
Final Beer Filtration
Fine Beer Filtration
Trap/Particle Filtration

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