Depth Filter Sheets and Modules for Wine Production

Depth filter sheets and modules for the removal of particles and substances from wine. 


Seitz® K Series Filter Sheets
Seitz K–Series Depth 
Filter SheetsThese sheets consist of a cellulose matrix which contains very fine kieselguhr mixtures and perlite as filtration-active substances and are suitable for use in applications ranging from fine to coarse filtration.

Seitz T Series Depth Filter Sheets
Seitz T Series Depth Filter SheetsSeitz T series depth filter sheets were developed for coarse and clarifying filtration of many fluids in the food and beverage industry.

SUPRAdisc™ II Depth Filter Modules
SUPRAdisc II Depth Filter ModulesWith increased capacity, reliability, handling advantages, and robustness, wineries can realize important cost savings with  these next generation modules.


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