SUPRApak™ L-Series-WA Housings

SUPRApak L filtration units provide a closed system approach to high capacity depth filtration, maximizing product protection and minimizing product losses. Lower cost of ownership is achieved due to higher throughput, yield improvement, and reduced handling, cleaning, maintenance and downtime costs, when compared to sheet filtration.

SUPRApak L technology is ideal for use in distilled spirits, beer, sweetener, enzyme, gelatin, yeast extract, and other food and beverage applications.

SUPRApak L Series-WA units hold from one to six SUPRApak L modules, representing up to approximately 60 m2 (646 ft2) of filtration area in a very compact and low hold-up volume design. They are available either in single dome or flexible modular design.

SUPRApak L Series-WA housings are designed for use with SUPRApak L filter modules. They revolutionize depth filtration applications in the food and beverage industry, providing a cost-effective alternative to classical sheet filtration.

Features Benefits
Closed filtration system • Increased process safety and product quality; minimized product losses, product contamination risk and personnel exposure to process fluids
Compact design with high filtration area • Extremely high throughput at low investment cost
Drainable, low hold-up volume assembly • Higher product yield; minimized cleaning costs
High quality internal surface finish, sanitary and crevice-free design • Enhanced cleanability
Flexible modular design • Production volumes can be matched to equipment capacity; capability for future expansion
External tensioning device with preset torque limit • Provides secure operation without bypass
Dual inlet connections on sizes exceeding 3 modules • Minimizes product mixing zones
Simple, quick installation and servicing • Reduced labor, maintenance and downtime costs
Filter module lifting device available on request • Eases filter installation and removal
ATEX (94/9/EC) Group II, Category 2 documentation (Zones 1/21 and 2/22) • Suitable for use in potentially explosive environments