Biosepra® SPEC 70 SLS

Synthetic Ion Exchange Sorbent
for Dairy Protein Separations

Pall Biosepra SPEC 70 SLS ion exchanger sorbent is a spherical semi-rigid microbead of an acrylic copolymer designed for the ion exchange chromatography of proteins. The beads generate low back pressure at typical low pressure liquid chromatography process flow rates. The strongly bound ion exchange groups, which are an integral part of the polymer structure, constitute a three dimensional structure. Each sub-unit of the polymer possesses hydrophilic groups, which ensure biocompatibility and prevent non-specific adsorption.

SPEC 70 SLS ion exchangers are macroporous, the ion exchange groups are easily accessible, and the sorbent provides high capacity for proteins. Industrial applications currently at production scale includes purification. SPEC 70 SLS has been widely used for the production of LP/LF from milk or sweet whey at 1,500 – 2,000 L scale for more than 20 years and is approved by the FDA for the use with a Food Contact Substance (Food Contact Notification (FCN) number : 000325).


Synthetic polymeric sorbent for process chromatography of proteins
  • Highly hydrophilic and resistant to micro-organisms
  • Macroporous polymer allowing large mass transfers
  • Proven biocompatibility, designed to avoid non-specific adsorptions
  • Many references for Lactoferrin (LF) and Lactoperoxydase (LD) production at industrial scale