SUPRApak M Series-SA Filter Systems

SUPRApak M Series-SA filtration units are turn-key systems designed for use with SUPRApak M filter modules, to handle medium batch sizes in wine, distilled spirits, sweeteners, gelatin, enzymes, and other food and beverage applications.

SUPRApak M filtration units provide a closed system approach to high capacity depth filtration, maximizing product protection and minimizing product losses. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional sheet filtration and lenticular module filtration.

SUPRApak M Series-SA units provide a complete installation package including standard accessories, which allows quick integration into an existing system. They hold from one to four SUPRApak M modules, representing up to approximately 11 m2 (116.6 ft2) of filtration area in a very compact and low hold-up volume design. They are available either in single dome or flexible modular design.

Features Benefits
Closed filtration system • Increased process safety and product quality; no drip losses; minimum operator exposure to process fluids
Installation package with standard accessories • Turn-key installation allows quick integration into existing system
Compact design with high filtration area • High throughput filtration for medium batch production, resulting in low investment cost
Drainable, low holdup volume assembly • Higher product yield; minimized cleaning costs
High quality internal surface finish, sanitary and crevice-free design • Enhanced cleanability
Modular construction available • Enables flexibility and matching of production volumes to equipment capacity
External tensioning device with preset torque limit • Provides secure operation without bypass
Simple, quick installation and servicing • Reduced labor and maintenance costs; reduced process downtime
Filter module lifting device available on request • Eases filter installation and removal
ATEX (94/9/EC) Group II, Category 2 documentation (Zones 1/21 and 2/22) • Suitable for use in potentially explosive environments