PROFi System Process

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PROFi System Process Stabilized beer from fermentation / maturation is pre-clarified with a high efficiency centrifuge, which ensures gentle treatment of colloids and minimal oxygen pick-up. Bulk yeast is separated from the beer and discharged with a high percentage of dry solids. This membrane pre-clarification delivers longer filtration cycles and enhanced system economics.

Fine filtration of beer in the membrane unit is continuous, due to membrane blocks alternating in filtration and regeneration. This design ensures constant filter availability and smaller system sizing, reducing both capital and operating expenses.

Forward flow module emptying with CO2 enables a fast product change and flexibility without pre or post run blending / loss. Beer protein stabilization may be performed upstream of the centrifuge with silica gel, while polyphenol stabilization is accomplished either upstream of the centrifuge with one way Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) or downstream of the membrane unit with regenerative PVPP or other methods. Ideally the PROFi system is combined with a stabilization system which also runs in a continuous mode.

PROFi Membrane System - Continuous Operation
PROFi Membrane System - Continuous Operation


A PROFi membrane system is an investment into cost effective beer clarification, sustainable technology and brewery production flexibility. The cost saving potential depends on the brewery specific situation and has to be calculated case by case.