Steam Filtration for Dairy Processing

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Uncontrolled contamination in dairy manufacturing takes its toll in many ways. With the many sources of contamination present in dairy plants, risk is high for product recall and its profit-reducing consequences of lost sales, lost product and lost brand equity.

Microbial and physical hazards are easily released into the final product by contact with equipment or process fluids. Dairy processors concerned about consumer safety and product image incorporate various type of filtration to remove microorganisms and other particulate or suspended materials from utilities such as air, water, steam and gas.

Steam Filtration

Steam is used for equipment sterilization and direct or indirect thermal processing of foods. Whenever steam is used to sterilize equipment or filters, the particles of rust from the boiler and transfer lines will foul the equipment surfaces, and block steam valves, filling orifices and filter pores. The net result is an overall loss in the efficiency of processing and an added cost of extra cleaning and passivation. Additionally, steam introduced directly into food products should be free of such particles. 


PSS Porous Metal Filter Cartridges
Recommended for steam service and well suited for liquid or gas applications including solvents, chemical intermediates, heat transfer and cryogenic fluids, polymers, pharmaceuticals, and high- temperature gases.

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