Separations Technology in Hydrocarbon Processing

We at Pall Corporation understand that your bottom line is more important to you than our product line. That's why we don't rush to provide quick product "fixes." Instead, we address the root causes of problems faced by the hydrocarbon processing industry. Then we put our decades of experience and thorough technological knowhow to work to design and implement long-lasting solutions.

Pall Corporation maintains its position as the world leader in filtration and separations technology with a steady stream of innovative, high-quality products backed by unmatched service and support. We invest heavily in R&D and technical service to provide the refining and gas processing industries with exceptional returns on their investment.
Pall's filtration and separations solutions have been successfully applied in refineries and gas plants throughout the world, in consultation with our customers.

Pall puts together high-quality filtration systems that meet the unique requirements of every plant we serve. We design and manufacture virtually all of our media, elements, vessels, and fully integrated separations systems. By supplying the broadest array of polymeric, inorganic, metallic, and ceramic media available, Pall is able to select the optimal filter medium to meet specific process requirements.

In rare cases where Pall does not have an appropriate product, we work with the customer to develop a new product that solves the problem. We are eager to take on any challenge and are committed to keeping up with the evolving demands of the markets we serve.

Pall delivers worldwide technological consultation and support through our Scientific and Laboratory Services Department (SLS), a network of about 400 scientists and engineers experienced in investigating and solving the various and often complex problems encountered in fluid clarification and separations processes.

All Pall manufacturing facilities adhere to uniform manufacturing procedures and have been granted International Standards Organization (ISO) certification to ISO 9001. This ensures that Pall filtration products and systems will perform exactly as specified, no matter where in the world they are installed.

Total Quality Management, root cause analysis, and the total process approach are the principles on which we base our success in the petroleum refining industry. We look forward to applying our principles, technology, and experience to help you achieve a higher level of process control and efficiency in your operations.