Ultipor SRT Filter Specifications

Filter Ratings
Stress-Resistance Test (80% pressure drop)

ISO Code Rating

Ultipor SRT
Filter Grade

ISO Code Rating
per Stress-Resistant Test**
(80% pressure drop)*
MP 15/10/04
MN 17/14/05
MS 19/16/06

*based on 4 bar (60 psid) terminal pressure drop

**The Stress-Resistance Test examines the effects of cyclic flow conditions and contaminant loading on the capture and retention characteristics of a filter. The result is an improved filter performance reporting method that provides a much more realistic measure of how a filter performs in actual service and gives the user (via ISO Codes) a closer representation of the level of contamination control that can be maintained throughout the filter's service life.

Multi-pass filter ratings (per ISO 16889)

Multi-pass filter ratings (per ISO 16889)
Element Collapse Pressure Rating (ISO2941)

10 bar (150 psid)

Fluid Compatibility (ISO 2943)

Compatible with petroleum oils, water glycols, water-oil emulsions, and high water containing fluids. Fluorocarbon seals are available for industrial phosphate esters, diesters, and specified synthetics.

Flow vs. Pressure Drop (ISO 3968)

See bulletin PM&E USRT P

Filter Element Hardware

Corrosion protected end caps and core

Flow Fatigue (ISO 3724)

Contact factory; element structure incorporates upstream and downstream medium support to achieve maximum fatigue cycle life.

Fabrication Integrity (ISO 2942)

Fabrication integrity is validated and assured during the manufacturing process by numerous evaluations and inspections including Bubble Point testing

Temperature Range

  • Nitrile seals: -43°C (-45°F) to +107°C (+225°F)
  • Fluorocarbon seals: -29°C (-20°F) to +120°C (+250°F)

Note: maximum 60°C (140°F) in water based fluids

Quality Control

All elements are manufactured by Pall to exacting procedures and strict quality controls. Elements are checked against rigorous ongoing validation test protocols within Pall Corporation. Pall is accredited to ISO 9001 and QS 9000.