Pall Acquires Filter Specialists, Inc. (FSI),

See the full range of filter bags, (including Polyweld®, Polymicro® and the BOS Gradient and MAX seamless filter bag ranges). cartridges and metal and plastic filter housings here.

Pall Life Sciences has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced single-use solutions for upstream, downstream and formulation and filling applications, including mixers, bioreactors, storage systems and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.  

Ceramic HyperD® F Ion Exchange Chromatography Sorbents (Q, DEAE, and CM)

Preparative Sorbents for the Purification of Biomolecules by Charge High binding capacity. “Gel-in-a-shell” design delivers outstanding d... Learn More

PhotoKleen™ DDF Filter Assembly

The PhotoKleen flter assembly is a compact capsule assembly designed for clean, simple and safe filter changeout. It is well suited for applications t... Learn More

Asymmetric P-Nylon Filter (Lithography)

The Asymmetric P-Nylon filter utilizes the proven defectreducing Nylon membranes configured into a new asymmetric pore geometry. This tapered pore des... Learn More

Palltronic® Flowstar LGR Test Instrument

Fast fully traceable testing of single-use systems at point-of-use Single-use technologies in formulation and filling applications are gaining fast ma... Learn More

SoloHill® Microcarriers - Animal Protein Coated

Animal Protein Coated Microcarriers Anchorage dependent cell lines rely heavily on optimal substrate conditions. Collagen has been shown to be an effe... Learn More

Emflon® PF Filter (Gas Filtration)

The Emflon® PF filter is an all fluoro–polymer pleated filter designed for  3 nm filtration of bulk aggressive process gases. All... Learn More

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