Pall Acquires Filter Specialists, Inc. (FSI),

See the full range of filter bags, (including Polyweld®, Polymicro® and the BOS Gradient and MAX seamless filter bag ranges). cartridges and metal and plastic filter housings here.

Pall Life Sciences has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced single-use solutions for upstream, downstream and formulation and filling applications, including mixers, bioreactors, storage systems and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.  

Accelerator Development Services

Providing targeted development and consultation services customized to the needs of your project On-Site Technical Support Consultation Services to S... Learn More

Fruit (TAB) Spore Control Juice and Ingredients

Spore-forming microbes, such as Alicyclobacillus species, negatively affect product quality and provide risks to manufacturers of fruit juice and ingredients utilized in beverage production (e.g. sugars and possibly flavors and colors). Alicyclobacillus species, though nonpathogenic and not a risk for consumption, do cause economic damage. The use of filter cartridges and depth filter sheets and ... Learn More

PCM200 series Fluid Cleanliness Monitor

The Pall PCM200 Fluid Cleanliness Monitor is a cost effective monitoring device that provides accuarate, reliable assessment of system fluid cleanline... Learn More

Allegro™ Plastic Totes

For 50 L, 100 L, 200 L and 500 L Allegro Single-Use Systems Allegro plastic totes have been specifically designed and engineered to provide robust sup... Learn More

Mini Kleenpak™ Capsules with Supor® EKV Membrane

Supor EKV filters are 0.2 micron rated validated sterilizing-grade membrane filters. A PES membrane ensures very high compatibility over the whole pH ... Learn More

Supor® EKV Sterilizing-Grade Membrane in Mini Kleenpak™ Capsules

Supor EKV filters are 0.2 micron rated validated sterilizing-grade membrane filters. The incorporated PES membrane demonstrates very high compatibilit... Learn More

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