Process and Component Auditing

Pall Cleanliness Management & Consulting
The industrial Cleanliness Consulting group is a part of Pall Machinery and Equipment that has been assisting the manufacturing industry for over 20 years, providing practical component and fluid cleanliness solutions. We know industrial component cleanliness, we understand how to assist manufacturers, and we know how to achieve cost effective results.

Our clients include paper manufacturers, power generators, oil and chemical system engineers and automotive engineers - all manufacturers of both standard and custom-engineered products.

Always There for You
Pall Cleanliness Consultants dedicate the time our clients can't spare from their busy manufacturing day, applying expert knowledge gained through years of experience, to profitably improve the cleanliness of manufacturing systems or finished components.

Making a Difference
Pall provides "hands on" assistance to the owners and managers of manufacturing operations world-wide. We share our industrial cleanliness expertise with our clients to ensure they can, if desired, undertake similar projects themselves. With this expertise, our clients will have the knowledge to achieve the desired results in a time-effective manner for their organization.

The Pall Cleanliness Consulting Service can be tailored to individual customer needs. A typical format is as follows:

Process Audits

A process audit provides you with:
  • Process performance baseline
  • Evaluation of methods and practices
  • Improvement recommendations & guidelines
In order to achieve
  • Improved process control
  • Reduced failures and scrap
  • Lower manufacturing and warranty cost
  • Competitive advantage

Component Audits

A component cleanliness audit provides you with:
  • Product quality baseline
  • Evaluation of specifications and practices
  • Improvement recommendations & guidelines
In order to achieve:
  • Higher product quality
  • Compliance to existing standards
  • Lower manufacturing and warranty costs

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