AcroPak™ Products for Sterile Filtration Up to 150 Liters

For efficient, cost-effective filtration and high throughput

  • Capsules provide higher throughputs and faster flow rates than similar-size competitive devices.
  • Low protein binding to minimize sample loss.
  • Fusion-welded components eliminate the potential for release of extractables from sealing adhesives.
  • Upstream air vent prevents vapor lock.
  • 100% integrity tested to assure sterile filtrate.

Selection Guide: AcroPak Products for Sterile Filtration

AcroPak products range in size from 20 cm2 to 1500 cm2effective filtration area (EFA). Two membranes choices are available in configurations that scale up to products for pilot and full-scale production.

AcroPak Products with Supor® Membrane

Quickly process difficult-to-filter solutions such as serum, serum supplemented culture media, and viscous or particulate-laden solutions. Supor membrane offers high flow rates and consistently higher total solution throughputs due to higher porosity than most other membranes. It is ideal in situations where rapid filtration or short processing times are essential or where low protein binding is required.
DeviceSample Volume*EFA
AcroPak 20 Filters 100 mL - 5 L 20 cm2
AcroPak 200 Capsules 5 - 25 L 200 cm2
AcroPak 500 Capsules 10 - 100 L 500 cm2
AcroPak 1000 Capsules 10 - 100 L 1000 cm2
AcroPak 1500 Capsules 10 - 150 L 1500 cm2

AcroPak Products with Fluorodyne® II Membrane

Fluorodyne membrane offers high flow rates, low adsorptive properties, and low extractables. It is ideal for scale-up and down-stream processing applications for biopharmaceutical products. Suitable for applications where customer protocol requires PVDF membrane; double layer sterilizing membrane assures enhanced performance.
DeviceSample Volume*EFA
AcroPak 20 Filters 100 mL - 5 L 20 cm2
AcroPak 200 Capsules 5 - 25 L 200 cm2
AcroPak 400 Capsules 10 - 100 L 400 cm2
AcroPak 800 Capsules 10 - 150 L 800 cm2
* Total throughput (capacity) of a filter depends on the characteristics of the fluid being filtered, such as the extent of microbial contamination, viscosity, and particulate load.