AcroSep™ 1 mL Pre-Packed Chromatography Columns

AcroSep™ Chromatography Columns for Mixed Mode
Simplify protein purification and fractionation for biomarker discovery, proteomics research, and drug development

Designed for affinity, ion exchange, size exclusion, mixed-mode, and hydroxyapatite chromatography applications, these products offer:
  • "Gel-in-a-shell" technology. Ion exchange resins provide rapid protein purification with high capacity and good resolution.
  • Flexibility. More separation and elution options in a single format to provide greater purity. 
  • Versatility. Luer lock inlet and outlet allows convenient use with syringe, pump, or automated chromatography system.
  • User-friendly column design. Color-coded and labeled by chemistry type. Collar is hexagonal so columns will not unexpectedly roll off lab surface.

Pre-Packed Chromatography Column Products

AcroSep™ Chromatography Columns for Ion Exchange
AcroSep Chromatography Columns for Ion Exchange For rapid, high capacity protein purification.

AcroSep Chromatography Columns for Affinity Purification AcroSep Chromatography Columns for Affinity Purification
For the purification of a wide variety of proteins and antibodies.

AcroSep Chromatography Columns for Mixed-mode
AcroSep Chromatography Columns for Mixed-mode Flexible chemistries provide better selectivity and more purification options.

AcroSep Chromatography Columns for Detergent Removal AcroSep Chromatography Columns with SDR HyperD Detergent Removal Sorbent
Fast and efficient detergent removal in a convenient column format.

PRC Pre-Packed Chromatography ColumnsPRC Pre-Packed Chromatography Columns
For ion exchange and mixed-mode chromatography laboratory applications.


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1 mL Pre-packed Chromatography Columns

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Pall also offers Mustang® ion exchange membrane chromatography products and bottled chromatography resins.



AcroSep Selection Guide and Color Coding

Type of Purification Resin Color
Ion Exchange, Strong Anion Q Ceramic HyperD® F Red
Ion Exchange, Strong Cation S Ceramic HyperD F Blue
Ion Exchange, Weak Anion DEAE Ceramic HyperD F Orange
Ion Exchange, Weak Cation CM Ceramic HyperD F Green
Affinity Protein A Ceramic HyperD F Pearl
Affinity Blue Trisacryl® M Dark Blue
Mixed-Mode MEP HyperCel Purple
Mixed-Mode HEA HyperCel Black
Mixed-Mode PPA HyperCel Yellow
Detergent Removal SDR HyperD Natural

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