Automated and Manual Filtration, Single Sample Processing

Automated Filtration, Single Sample Processing

Pall Life Sciences has specifically designed and certified our Acrodisc® PSF syringe filters to be fully compatible and reliable for use with automated equipment. The following special features make our syringe filters reliable for worry-free performance 24 hours a day:
  • Smooth filter-to-filter release
  • Consistent turret advancement
  • Exceptional housing strength
  • Strict “outside filter geometry”

Acrodisc PSF syringe filters from Pall are the only syringe filters to receive Caliper Life Sciences’ Automation Certified guarantee. This certification is granted to syringe filters that meet the stringent requirements for automated dispensing and robotic handling. 

Pall is manufacturing these products working in close partnership with Caliper Life Sciences Manufacturing and Engineering teams to ensure proper fit, function, and compatibility with Caliper workstations. Caliper Life Sciences is the manufacturer of the Caliper TPW* workstation, the APW* workstation, and the Multi-Dose* workstation. These robotic workstations are uniquely designed to work best with Caliper “Automation Certified” filters for proper operation. (*TPW, APW, and Multi-Dose are trademarks of Caliper Life Sciences.)

Acrodisc PSF syringe filters are available with AutoPack™ packaging, convenient tubes that can be directly loaded onto automated testing systems. AutoPack packaging is also available for standard syringe filters with Nylon, PTFE, PVDF, and Glass Fiber membranes.

Manual Filtration, Single Sample Processing

Nanosep® MF centrifugal devices with GHP membrane are a simple-to-use alternative for analytical sample preparation, especially when your application calls for maximum filtrate recovery from limited sample volumes.

These devices are ideal for particulate removal prior to sample analysis (HPLC, IC, GC, or MS) and removal of precipitates (metals, polymers, or crystals). GHP membrane is ideal for aqueous solutions and offers maximum chemical compatibility for aggressive solvents. For sample volumes from 50 to 500 µL, these devices provide:

  Analytical Sample Preparation

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UHPLC Sample Preparation

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  • Rapid and high recovery (96.5%) of critical proteins.
  • Low extractables. Pall's HPLC-grade centrifugal devices are certified to be low in UV extractables.
  • Low hold-up volume (< 5 µL) makes these devices ideal for expensive samples.
  • High g-force ratings. Can be spun at 14,000 x g assuring rapid sample processing.

Pall's line of standard Acrodisc syringe filters is also available for sample volumes up to 100 mL.